Current and Upcoming

Something Like Dancing, ongoing one-on-one performance work. Contact for details.

Darebin Art Prize, Bundoora Homestead, September 2019

Check Website for Details, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane, October 2019

Incinerator Art Prize, Incinerator Gallery, October 2019

AAANZ Conference, University of Auckland, December 2019


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Artist CV

My work seems to move across performance, film-making, writing, photography, reading, and very average drawing. Working with processes of embodiment, storytelling, documentation and vocal action, each work produces a set of temporary relations between people, sites, or histories, that I push to a limit and examine for tensions that develop. 

As a photographer, I’ve worked with numerous government, commercial, and artist-run galleries to document artwork installations and performances, as well as regularly working with independent artists in the production and documentation of their work. I’m especially fond of documenting movement and performance works.